This Girl On TikTok Asked An AI To Plan Her Vietnam Trip & It ACTUALLY Did!



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This Girl On TikTok Asked An AI To Plan Her Vietnam Trip & It ACTUALLY Did!

By ellephant

They're taking over the planet....  

A TikTok of an AI recently went viral and we're speechless!

Singaporean woman on TikTok shared how she asked an AI program to help plan out her 12-day solo trip to Hanoi, Vietnam and it did. 

She provided details of her preferred places to visit and her chosen arrival/return dates to the Notion AI writing assistant

The AI tool immediately provided her with a basic itinerary, complete with suggested sights on the days she requested. 

@what.mel Well, thanks? @notionhq #notionai BO$$ CHICK - Saweetie

In the itinerary the AI bot made sure not to pack the schedule on days that would involve traveling between cities.

"I was honestly surprised that [the tool] planned out a day-by-day schedule", she said. 

Of course not as perfect as one an actual person would come up with, it did do a pretty sufficient baseline of the trip. 

Amazing what tech can do today no?!  

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