"Muka Hang J*hanam!" Rude Restaurant Owner In Perlis Berates Customer As She Tells Her Off For Bad Customer Service



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"Muka Hang J*hanam!" Rude Restaurant Owner In Perlis Berates Customer As She Tells Her Off For Bad Customer Service

By Ayunie

A local Ikan Bakar eatery in Kuala Perlis gained widespread attention, not for its delectable seafood dishes, but for a customer's sour experience that went viral on the platform x.com. The incident involved a middle-aged woman, presumed to be the restaurant owner, and a customer whose named will be undisclosed for privacy reasons.

According to the customer's account, her visit to the eatery took an unpleasant turn when she and her friends encountered what they perceived as rudeness from the woman in charge. When her group sought clarifications regarding their orders, the woman curtly redirected them to her staff, allegedly remarking, "You go attend to them; they're asking too many questions."

The situation escalated when it came time for the customer to settle her bill, which amounted to RM8. In a polite manner, she expressed her concern about the treatment of customers, urging the woman to adopt a more considerate approach. However, this request seemed to trigger an unexpected reaction.

The woman promptly lost her temper and raised her voice, berating the customer in front of other diners. Unfazed, she chose to join her friends at their table, focusing on their meal while disregarding the escalating confrontation. It was at this point that the situation took an even more disturbing turn.

The woman stormed over to the customer and her friends, tossing RM8 onto their table while insisting that she did not require their payment. Her demeanor grew increasingly aggressive, accompanied by a torrent of profanity directed at her. One of her's friends recorded this outburst, subsequently sharing the video on x.com, where it quickly went viral.

Watch the viral video below, or click here to watch it on x.com:

A quick Google search by the customer also revealed a series of negative reviews from other patrons who had encountered similar experiences at the Ikan Bakar eatery.

Source: undisclosed

The owner of the restaurant hasn't responded to the viral incident yet, as of the time of writing. 

What do you think of this incident? Comment below. 

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