WATCH: Abang Rider's Daringly Ask Tan Sri Vincent Tan For RM100 & Dances In Front of Him, Netizens Amused



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WATCH: Abang Rider's Daringly Ask Tan Sri Vincent Tan For RM100 & Dances In Front of Him, Netizens Amused

By JustineG

Recently, the popular TikTok user known as emy_chachacha, who is an Abang Rider, shared a video in which he recounted receiving RM100 from none other than Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun himself. 

Emy described encountering the Tan Sri while heading to a beverage shop around Bukit Bintang, realizing he had forgotten to pay for his drinks the previous day. Affectionately referring to Tan Sri Vincent Tan as 'uncle,' he mentioned, "The thing is, I feel like I've seen this uncle somewhere before, but I forgot where."

The rider candidly requested RM100 from Tan Sri Vincent Tan, who promptly handed him the amount, leaving Emy pleasantly surprised. "He gave me a hundred, man. It's my luck," he laughed. 

Expressing gratitude and prayers for Tan Sri Vincent Tan's continued blessings, the video also captured their jovial interaction, with Tan Sri Vincent Tan seen enjoying the rider's dance moves.

Unhesitatingly, the man briefly placed his hand on Vincent's stomach, demonstrating their friendly rapport. The unexpected encounter culminated in a handshake between the two individuals.

Netizens found the Abang Rider's account amusing, with some commenting, "He treats Vincent Tan like an old school friend." Others reminded him to repay the borrowed RM100, while one netizen quipped, "Uncle doesn't just give RM100; if you want to borrow a thousand, he'll lend it to you, bro." 

Some even clarified that the drink Emy forgot to pay was from a beverage shop owned by Tan Sri Vincent Tan, stating, "That shop belongs to the uncle la, Vincent Tan."

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