Political Artist Fahmi Reza Arrested Over Spotify Playlist



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Political Artist Fahmi Reza Arrested Over Spotify Playlist

By ellephant

Based on recent reports, Malaysian activist and political artist Fahmi Reza, has been arrested. 

Charged under the Sedition Act as well as the Communications and Multimedia Act of the country, he was taken away from his home by 20 cops (before his lawyer arrived), for creating a Spotify playlist known as 'Dengki Ke'. 


The playlist was said to have been aimed at Malaysia's Queen after her controversial (now unavailable) reply to an Instagram commenter on social media, regarding receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Apparently, his playlist which was uploaded kept being taken down. In retaliation to the everything wrong with the government and the politics of the country, he continually uploaded it.

Only based on facts, netizens have very angrily expressed their dissatisfaction with the arrest, and stands in solidarity with him. 

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