4 Guides To Snapping The Perfect Insta-Worthy Food Photos



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4 Guides To Snapping The Perfect Insta-Worthy Food Photos

By DN21

Thanks to the power of social media, people are whipping out their cameras for just about anything- even food! And although some dishes may taste better than they look, that doesn't mean you should deprive your virtual feed from visually pleasing food content. 

For a start:

1- Minimalism is key

Let your food become the centre of attention, instead of the props. While the stunning table decor deserves a spot on the 'gram, try to maintain the focus on your delectables first. 

2- Too much filter spoils the beauty

Let the beauty of the food speak on its own via its natural setting, instead of using filters or over-editing. 

3- Angles, angles

Embrace your creativity by free-styling different ways of photo-taking. Some food may look good from the side or up-close- either way find the best angle that will enhance interest to your shot.

4- Know your lighting

It's said that lighting from the side accentuates and creates contrasts of textures of the food, especially for pastries and meat.

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