Money Come Year But Keep Your Money Safe | 6 Debit Card Safety Tips



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Money Come Year But Keep Your Money Safe | 6 Debit Card Safety Tips

4 Days ago
By ellephant

Gong Xi Fa Cai you guys!

We're manifesting a money-come year, but before our banks accounts get fat, here are a few safety tips to take note of with regards to your debit card. 

The 6 ways to ensure your money is safe, check them out down below.  

1. Do not leave your card unattended at any place, may it be in your own vehicle, or at a friend's place

2. Do not let people in on your pin number, especially if you do not know whether you can trust them completely

3. Attempt to not use easy-to-figure-out passcodes like birthdates, IC numbers or a combination of the two

4. Don't ask someone else to take money out for you, do it yourself or if you're too drunk, do it tomorrow

5. Do not agree sending money to any unknown third party

6. Always remember if someone is calling and asking for your deets on the phone, they are 100% not the bank  

6 easy tips to keep in mind, and follow, now more so than ever, during the festive season!

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