Thieves Try Breaking And Entering Via Condo Balcony, Bumps Into Couple Chilling At Living Room



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Thieves Try Breaking And Entering Via Condo Balcony, Bumps Into Couple Chilling At Living Room

By JustineG

Living in a high-rise building can make residents feel somewhat protected since it is mainly guarded, especially for those on the upper levels.

That is not the case, though, for Phoebe Shafinaz, who just went through a horrific event at home with her husband.

The pair were relaxing in their living room at around 12.43 am when her husband suddenly screamed.

She then spotted a 6 feet tall man attempting to open their sliding door from their balcony.

Another man was in the middle of scaling the balcony from the story above.

Her husband hurried over to the sliding door to make sure it was shut tightly. The fact that the man was standing so close to her husband and that they were being told to 'shush' alarmed her.

She quickly phoned the police, security, and even posted an SOS message to their condo's WhatsApp group.

Finally, seeing the pair still making a lot of noise, the men started to climb down to the levels below.

Shen then wondered in her post what would have occurred if the doors hadn't been locked and they had managed to enter.

She was concerned that they may demand ransom from them or perhaps force them to keep them refuge.

The only thing she wanted to think was that perhaps the men were simply passing through, fleeing away from something, since she didn't want to keep thinking such bad things.

On top of everything else, they were on the 12th floor; who in their right mind would descend from the balcony?

Yet, she claimed that the most endearing aspect of the experience was seeing how willingly her husband would risk his safety to lock the door in order to keep her safe.

They encourage everyone to take security very seriously and to always lock their doors and windows, even if they reside on the top level of a building. Such a small precaution can be the only thing keeping them alive.

The couple reserved a hotel room rather than remaining at home so that they could get some rest before work for a few hours.

That must have been terrifying to go through that; we sincerely hope they are doing better today. And let's hope that the two men are quickly remanded.

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