Malaysian Employee Fired By Supervisor Through Text Message Over Paternity Leave



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Malaysian Employee Fired By Supervisor Through Text Message Over Paternity Leave

By JustineG

A Malaysian man faced a challenging situation recently when he was laid off by his boss via text message while applying for paternity leave.

When he informed his boss that he needed to take leave to care for his wife, who was about to give birth, instead of being supportive, his boss replied erratically, asking him who would be working on his tasks while he was on leave.

Despite explaining that his wife had gone into labour earlier than expected, his boss showed no empathy and asked him to quit his job instead. 

The man pleaded to keep his job, even providing proof of his wife being in labour with a photo of himself at the hospital, but his boss was adamant and laid him off.

The man pleaded again, explaining that he had added responsibilities and needed the job, but his boss refused to be considerate. 

The next day, the man followed up with his boss, who claimed to have replaced him with someone else and promised to pay him on the 7th.

The man shared his story on TikTok, which quickly went viral, with many advising him to file a complaint with the Department of Labour.

As of now, he has not had time to make a report, as his baby has been diagnosed with jaundice. 

He mentioned that he has put his job search on hold while he is actively in contact with the labour department and waiting for a follow-up.

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