WATCH: "Where Is Your Uniform?" Bus Driver Gets Into Altercation After He Was Stopped By Covert RTD Officers



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WATCH: "Where Is Your Uniform?" Bus Driver Gets Into Altercation After He Was Stopped By Covert RTD Officers

By JustineG

Recently, a video clip purportedly recorded by an express bus driver during an inspection by several individuals claiming to be Road Transport Department (JPJ) enforcement officers dressed in civilian clothing has gone viral. In response to this, the JPJ, in a statement today, confirmed that all three involved individuals are indeed enforcement officers of the department. The JPJ explained that its enforcement officers are allowed not to wear uniforms or vests for disguise during operations.

"Throughout the operation, the department employs various methods, including conducting inspections at roadblocks, inspecting bus drivers at bus terminals before commencing their journeys, and monitoring accident-prone locations, including the use of drone technology," a JPJ spokesperson stated. "The JPJ also disguises themselves as express bus passengers, utilizing unmarked vehicles while acting on complaints and information from the public via the eComplaint system in the MyJPJ application."

"Through the viral video, three JPJ enforcement officers without uniforms or vests were seen conducting inspections and stopping an express bus during a special operation on April 16th at 12:10 p.m. on the North-South Expressway heading North near Nilai using covert methods," they added.

The JPJ has been conducting the Special Operation for Aidil Fitri (HRA) 2024 since April 1st and will conclude on April 20th to ensure the safety of road users, especially express bus passengers, during the festive season. Earlier, another video clip of an express bus being stopped by JPJ personnel dressed in civilian clothing went viral. The incident was believed to have occurred at 12:30 p.m. on the Kuala Lumpur - Seremban Expressway after the Nilai exit heading towards the capital.

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