This Food Stall In PD Charged Customer RM2 For 'Air Suam'



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This Food Stall In PD Charged Customer RM2 For 'Air Suam'

3 Days ago
By Grace Sundram

Could you fathom paying RM2 for warm water and RM1 for plain water?

This customer went to PD for lunch, but who thought she'd be slammed with a bill that didn't seem to be right at all?

Mawar Merah (the customer) posted her experience at one of the food stalls at Medan Selera Seri Bayu in Port Dickson on Facebook. She shared the receipt, which showed a total of RM102, with Air Kosong costing RM1 and Air Suam, RM2.

Not only that, but she also stated that they ordered 4 pax of Nasi Campur with drinks so for a food stall to charge you that much, seems pretty much like a scam.

This isn't the first time the food stall has gone viral for its outrageous pricing; in August, they were criticized for charging customers RM5 for a Teh O Ais.

After this recent news, the Port Dickson Municipal Council has decided not to renew the food stall's license, which appears to have expired last month.

The MPPD's Chairman, Mohd Zamri Mohd Esa, stressed that the necessary steps must be taken to follow up on the complaints received by customers as well as to avoid any misunderstandings with other food stall vendors.

Well, what do you think? Is it pricey or reasonable?

Port Dickson PD Medan Selera Food Court Air Suam RM2 pricey

Grace Sundram

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