Nervous To Go To The Doctor? This App Connects You To Licensed Doctors & Watsons Pharmacists Without Stepping Outside!



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Nervous To Go To The Doctor? This App Connects You To Licensed Doctors & Watsons Pharmacists Without Stepping Outside!


Let's face it: no one likes going to see a doctor.

For some, even the thought of making an appointment could trigger their anxiety. One would rather stay at home and let their sickness go away on its own. ( Of course, this does not apply to serious illness! ) 

If it's just a common fever or a blocked nose or you just want to replenish your medication, wouldn't you rather just get your medicines with no hassle?
Wouldn't you wish there was an easier way to get yourself checked?

As part of their #StayHealthyWithWatsons initiative, Watsons is providing a virtual health consultation service, operated by licensed and certified doctors as well as epharmacists for your general health concerns... all via their Watsons app! The eDoctor on the Watsons app will be available from 9 am to 10 pm daily. 

Consulting these health professionals is incredibly easy! Here's what you gotta do: 

How do I reach out to an eDoctor?

Step 1: Click on eDoctor and select a store nearest to you

Step 2:  Start your consultation and get your medicinal prescriptions

Step 3: Check out prescribed medication in the cart and pay accordingly

Step 4: Collect from the Watsons store you've selected prior

That's just it! Getting your medicines just got a whole lot better, thanks to Watsons. Think about how easy it is for you to help your elderly loved ones in getting their needed medicines without them having to step out of their homes, for instance. 

If, per chance, you have any questions about health in general or the health-related products sold at Watsons , feel free to consult Watsons' ePharmacists available also via Watsons app!

Their service is available from Monday to Friday (except on Public Holidays) from 10am - 12:30 pm & from 1:30pm - 6pm.

How do I reach out to an ePharmacist? 

Step 1: Click on ePharmacist on the Watsons app

Step 2: Consult your concerns with a virtual pharmacist

Feel free to ask any health-related questions you have, the ePharmacists will always be happy to serve. Not sure what kind of questions you could ask? Refer to the infographic below!

Apart from these services, you could also benefit from Watsons health screening at any of their stores, that includes:

- Blood Pressure Test
-Blood Glucose Test
-Cholesterol Test
-Uric Acid test
- Lipid Profile Test
- BMI & Body Fat Analysis
- Diabetes Management Programme
- Smoking Cessation Consultation

Lets see what other people have to say about Watsons Virtual Health Service!

Syed Faris, 28:
"It's really convenient since I live with my mother who takes all these supplements, and with this app I can just order her what she needs and pick them up after work. I hate queueing up and Watsons gets really packed sometimes so this saves me so much time."

Lim Shin Ni, 26:
"I live alone and I don't really like going out unless I have to. I really like that I can just talk about my symptoms whenever I feel sick through this app and then just get whatever medicines I need from Watsons near my house."

Darmesh, 31:
"I got Covid last week and obviously I couldn't go out. All I had to do was order whatever I need for my symptoms on the app, according to the eDoctor's consultation and got my sister to pick them up from the Watsons store. Didn't even have to come out from my room... not that I was allowed to, but yeah." 

For more information, don't hesitate to check Watsons' official social media accounts, all listed below: 
Facebook: @watsonsmalaysia
Instagram: @watsonsmy
TikTok: @watsonsmy
Twitter: @watsonsmy

Lastly, don't forget to download Watsons app to enjoy Watsons' eHealth service. You can download the app via the following links:
>>>  App Store Google Play  <<<

Think convenience, think Watsons!

Would you recommend this to your loved ones? Share with us your thoughts!

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