FACT CHECK: Here Are 6 Things That Girls Do Which Are Such Turn Ons



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FACT CHECK: Here Are 6 Things That Girls Do Which Are Such Turn Ons

By ellephant

We're always talking about men, it's time for a tune change. 

Girls are inherently the reason why the world is a much sexier place. That being said, we are here with a list of the 6 randomest things (or maybe not *wink wink*) which girls do, that honestly drives just about anyone crazy. 

Check out our list down below and see if you agree. 


1. When her voice is a little raspy

2. Soft/light touches when she's laughing or excited

3. Linking elbows with him

4. Her constantly saying my name

5. When she's confident in what she likes and wants, principles, worldviews, etc. 

6. When she puts her hand on my leg


They all seem like pretty sexy gestures to us. Yes, no?

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