'Workout Outside So Expensive Leh' | We've Got FREE Pilates Classes As Your Next Best Option



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'Workout Outside So Expensive Leh' | We've Got FREE Pilates Classes As Your Next Best Option

By ellephant

Staying healthy already comes with its own set of struggles, like a lack of time, a lack of discipline and a lack of commitment. 

But, what adds the cherry on top of the cake is the fact that going for all these fitness classes can indeed be a lot of money we don't necessarily have. 

Living in Klang Valley is most days money, money and then money. 


So what do we do then? Well, we may have your solution. 

The place for all things free - YouTube. 

Pilates instructor Isa Welly has the best classes on her channel, and the best part? You don't gotta pay a cent. 

From beginner classes, to harder ones, barre classes, classes for pregnant moms and even post-partum classes, upbeat ones to the more relaxing types, it's honestly radiant energy prioritized. 

Nevertheless, we do understand that working out at home can be daunting, but so long as you attempt discipline and keep your core whilst you do the movements, this can certainly be one of the more affordable options to be fit. 

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