We Almost Fell For A Fake Facebook Support Team Scam, Here's How It Went



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We Almost Fell For A Fake Facebook Support Team Scam, Here's How It Went


No one is safe from scams. Literally, NO ONE. Even a Facebook page can be targeted!

On the 21st of June, Goody Malaysia received an email claiming to be from "Meta Business Support," stating that our Facebook page was being unpublished due to a violation of community standards. Fortunately, we have covered too much scam news on our site, making us highly alert to such incidents. Our vigilant team spotted several red flags, prompting us to investigate further and avoid falling victim to this scam. Here's the full story:- 

The Email from "Meta Business Support"

In the email we received, it claimed that our page, Goody Malaysia, was being unpublished due to an alleged violation of community standards. The email cunningly suggested that we could appeal the decision if we believed it to be false, conveniently providing a link for that purpose. The link directed us to a Facebook Messenger sign-in page. This raised our suspicions even further, as it became apparent that the scammers were attempting to deceive us into providing our login credentials. 


More Suspicious Elements 

First, the sender's email address was excessively long and differed from the typical email addresses used by Facebook. 


Secondly, the absence of the header, usually displaying the Facebook logo, added to our scepticism. 


Furthermore, we discovered critical sentence mistakes that would be unlikely for legitimate communication from Facebook.


Verifying the Claims

Rather than immediately clicking on the provided link, we decided to cross-check the email's content and claims. We reviewed our page's quality and found no violations. To ensure our investigation was thorough, we reached out to the official Meta Business Support. They confirmed that our page was indeed in compliance and clarified that the email did not originate from their team. Their affirmation validated our suspicions, preventing any unnecessary actions on our part.

The Meta Business Support personnel also shared some tips with us on how to identify fake emails.


Essential Tips to Stay Safe

We are grateful that we were able to spot the errors and avoid unfortunate incidents from occurring. We would like to share a few tips with our fellow readers to ensure that everyone remains vigilant and doesn't fall victim to any fraudulent cases.

# Remain Calm: When receiving emails or messages indicating trouble or problems, it's crucial to stay calm and not let panic drive your actions. Scammers often exploit heightened emotions to manipulate their targets.

# Scrutinize Messages: Take the time to carefully read the entire message, paying attention to suspicious elements such as phone numbers, email addresses, formatting discrepancies, and sentence errors. Compare these details with previous messages or emails received from the purported sender to identify inconsistencies.


# Check Before Action: Independently verify the status of your account or page by directly accessing the platform's official channels. Avoid clicking on links or providing personal information through suspicious emails or messages.

# Confirm with Official Sources: If you have doubts about the authenticity of a communication, reach out to the official support team or customer service channels of the platform in question. Confirming with trusted sources can help prevent falling victim to scams.


# Stay Aware of Scam Tactics: It is crucial to expose yourself to news and information about fraud cases, both old and new. Familiarize yourself with common scam tactics and the latest trends in fraudulent activities so that you can recognize and avoid potential scams. Stay updated and stay one step ahead of the scammers.

The attempted scam targeting Goody Malaysia serves as a reminder that scammers continue to devise new tactics to deceive unsuspecting individuals and organizations. By maintaining vigilance, scrutinizing suspicious messages, and verifying claims with official sources, we can protect ourselves and others from falling prey to such fraudulent schemes. Stay alert, stay informed, and together we can outsmart the scammers.

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