7 Ways To Remove The Ink On Your Finger After Election In Malaysia



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7 Ways To Remove The Ink On Your Finger After Election In Malaysia


Regardless of the political party you supported in the recent state election, we can all acknowledge that as Malaysians, we played our role in contributing to a better and more promising nation through our votes. Thus, take pride in exercising your rights as a liberated citizen within a democratic country.

However, this participation comes with a consequence: the enduring stain of indelible ink on our fingers.  Fortunately, we have assembled a compilation of the finest ink removal products just for our fellow voters. 

Firstly, Whetstone

Method: Moisten your fingers, lightly rub the ink on your hand with a whetstone, repeat several times, and the ink will fade.


Secondly, Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Method: Wet the toothbrush, apply toothpaste, then repeatedly brush off the ink on your hand. 


Thirdly, DAISO Makeup Brush Cleaner

Method: Dilute the makeup brush cleaner in water, then place your fingers in the water and gently rub. 


Fourthly, Hair Removal Cream

Method: Apply it to your fingers, leave it for a while, then rinse with water.


Fifthly, Hairspray

Method: Spray it onto the ink-stained area of the finger, rub it with a cloth, let it sit for a while, and finally, rinse with lukewarm water.


Sixthly, DAISO Magic Sponge

Method: Wet the sponge, and rub your fingers repeatedly.


Seventhly, Bleach

Method: Dilute bleach, immerse your fingers in the water, gently rub, and then rinse thoroughly. Since bleach can be harsh on the skin, you can use hand cream afterwards to moisturize your fingers.


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