This Item Allows You To Drink Potato Chips | Perfect Item For Lazy People



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This Item Allows You To Drink Potato Chips | Perfect Item For Lazy People

By 我是一条酸菜鱼

You can now enjoy your snacks while working, watching tv, playing games, or even playing the phone without getting your hands dirty and oily! No longer need to worry that your keyboard, mouse or phone of getting oily grease.  

Source: zyplus

This Japanese company (Zyplus) has invented a way to allow users to “drink” potato chips snacks or even cookies without getting your hands dirty. This awesome item is called 【Poterapper】, where it's a small three-piece yellow cap that can directly attach to the snack packaging.

The three pieces- top, middle, and bottom pieces can be attached together on the snack packaging.  
Source: zyplus

How to use it? 

1. Cut off a corner of the snack packaging in order to fit in the Poterapper.

2. Slide the bottom piece onto the corner on the snack bag, place the middle part on top of the first pieces, and screw the top part onto the middle part, just like sandwiching the middle part with the top and bottom cap. 

3. In order to drink your snack, remember to press and squeeze the snack packaging to crush the snack into edible size, so it can easily flow through the cap.  

Source: zyplus  

Source: zyplus

Additionally, the 【Poterapper】 can also be used to store the remaining/ leftover snack to prevent it from getting soggy. It's extremely easy to use, just twist the lid to close and open, and you can enjoy the snacks everywhere anytime.  


Other than potato chips, 【Poterapper】 can be attached to various types of confectionery, including potato chips, chocolate, candies, popcorn, cookies, cereal, granola as long as it is in bag packaging.  


This item is definitely the best of the best for lazy people, like you and me!  

Source: zyplus

For more weird and awesome life hack items, feel free to check out the company's site!

Source: Zyplus

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