Facebook Launched 【Messenger Rooms】 Where You Can Invite Up To 50 People To Video Call



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Facebook Launched 【Messenger Rooms】 Where You Can Invite Up To 50 People To Video Call

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Facebook has released a new feature- 【Messenger Rooms】, where users can conduct a group video call to spend some bonding time with your family & friends during the social distancing period.


Source: messengernews.fb.com

Just create a room from Facebook Messenger and invite anyone to join, and Rooms can invite up to 50 people with no time limit.  Additionally, you can invite your family & friends even if they do not own a Facebook account.

Messenger Rooms can be accessed through computer and phone devices with no extra download needed. You can also create or join a room on Facebook via News Feed, Groups & Events. 


Source: messengernews.fb.com

You can share your room on Facebook after you created it in Messenger so other people can join the room when they saw it from the News Feed. At the same time, if your family or friends are hosting a public room that is open to you, you will be able to find it on Facebook as well.  In addition, you can have full control over your room where you can set who can join/ sees the room, as well as remove the user that joined your room,


Source: messengernews.fb.com

And according to the official announcement,  Messenger Rooms will be soon available worldwide and will available on Instagram Direct t& WhatsApp as well.  Stay tuned and look forward to more latest updates. 


Source: messengernews.fb.com

Source: Messengernews.fb.com

Cover Photo :Messengernews.fb.com || @messenger

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