Film Review | Thai’s The Medium Proves That Asian Horror Films Will Always Be Top Tier



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Film Review | Thai’s The Medium Proves That Asian Horror Films Will Always Be Top Tier


Horror movie buffs, get ready to add The Medium to your list of Favorite Blood-Curling Horror Movies Of All Time.  

Depicted as a docu-drama surrounding shamanistic practices in a rural part of Thailand, The Medium embodies elements of horror in a way the world-renowned directors Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter) and Na Hong-jin (The Wailing) know best— eerie human contortions, gnarly human and animal corpses and build-up suspense just enough to keep you at the edge of your seat.  

As a film crew follows the daily life of a local shaman, they are indubitably exposed to all sorts of horrific incidents beyond their comprehension.  

Those familiar with dark magic practice horror stories often told by our elderly will most likely find this film oddly familiar, and no less haunting.  

The horror begins when the shaman's niece starts to show symptoms of being possessed after a family funeral, which in turn reveals all kinds of dark secrets surrounding the family. Who doesn't love a bit of family drama?  

Quite a number of viewers and film critics alike have expressed their likings to this movie, labeling it one of the scariest Asian horror films recently produced, if not all time. The film does come with a warning: some of the violent scenes might not be digestible for all, so if you're faint at heart, it'd probably be best to watch with caution— or not at all. 


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