'Wednesday' Actor Percy Hynes White Accused For Rape, Sexual Assault & More



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'Wednesday' Actor Percy Hynes White Accused For Rape, Sexual Assault & More

1 Week ago
By ellephant

The internet revealed some scary facts to us over the past 24 hours, and it's not been looking too good. 

Actor Percy Hynes White from Netflix's 'Wednesday' has been trending on Twitter, as victims have come forth with dms, pictures, and more on rape/sexual assault/sexual harassment accusations. 

A thread of everything which he has been doing to girls (even underaged) have surfaced, and many are in shock at the revelation. 

From getting underaged girls drunk and having sex with them, sending nudes, being rude, fatphobic, racist and countless other appalling actions, #cancelpercy has been up and running. 

Netizens want him out of 'Wednesday' and behind bars. 

We have not heard from the actor himself and more on the story is yet to come. For an in depth look at the latest, check out the #percy on Twitter. 

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