M’sians Amused With AEON’s Roast About The McCormick Spice Case



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M’sians Amused With AEON’s Roast About The McCormick Spice Case

By JustineG

his local retail store turned to social media to roast the TikToker for spreading false information about the McCormick spice brand containing pork.

What she got wrong was that she didn't read the instructions carefully because it didn't explicitly indicate that the spices include pork, but rather that the spice may be used on a variety of meats and vegetables, including pork.

Aeon Retail Store sensed the opportunity and so went along to advertise the spice product with a subtle roast.

In a Facebook post, Aeon has shared a picture of McCormick's Mixed Spice along with a clever and subtle reference to the recent case. In Bahasa Malaysia, it states, "Sesuai untuk perapan jika anda ada 'ENGLISH EDUKESYEN'. 

For translation, it reads: Suitable for marination if you have an English education.

Aeon McCormick spice tiktok


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