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You're Not Fully Vaxxed Until Your 3rd Dose - KJ

ellephant   |   Nov 23, 2021, 11:23   |   226

There are high chances that you're not fully vaccinated, until you're fully vaccinated. 

According to reports by NST, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin noted that everyone may need to get their booster shots first, in order to be categorized as fully vaccinated. 

Discussed yesterday, many have continually failed to show up for their booster shot appointments, since the government initiated the program. 


"I cannot discount any possibility. I need to leave every eventuality on the table. The first way (to improve booster shots uptake rates) is to persuade, encourage and plead. This is the approach that we are taking for now.

"Second, we can make booster shots a condition, meaning that you would not be considered fully vaccinated unless you get a booster dose. That's Plan B," he said. 

The fact that the nation's mobility rate has returned back to pre-pandemic levels, has increased the chances of complacency against the virus in general.  


"The booster dose is very important, especially for the elderly and those with comorbidities, who can suffer severe symptoms if they contract the virus.

"I hope with the booster dose most people will eventually be vaccinated against Covid-19 or have natural immunity and it can be like the common flu.

"But we don't know yet, especially with new variants. It can also be a yearly jab, like annual flu jabs, but I don't know yet... No one knows."


KJ also mentioned the rise in hospitalization rates over the past two weeks, stating that no immediate action could very well result in an undesirable 4th wave. 


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