Fast Food | Low-Calorie Menu Choices That Won't Get You Fat!



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Fast Food | Low-Calorie Menu Choices That Won't Get You Fat!

By m7py

It's everyone's dream to eat their favorite fast food & not to gain a kilo at all! That might not be easy, but try to order these items from the menu. 

Source: Instagram

These choices are lower in calories than the rest of the menu. So, you still can satisfy your cravings. 

1- McDonald's

Source: Instagram

Sausage McMuffin with Egg - 339 kcal

Ice Americano - 2 kcal

Sundae cone -156 kcal

Chicken McNuggets 4pcs- 187 kcal

Small French Fries - 224 kcal

Small Chicken Porridge - 193 kcal

Regular Fried Chicken 100g - 223 kcal

2- KFC

Source: Instagram

Chicken popcorn - 285 kcal

Regular French Fries - 250 kcal

Mini Fillet Burger - 290 kcal

3- Subway

Source: Instagram

Bread (6-inch only) - Honey Oat & Wheat

Filling- Roasted chicken / roasted beef /cheese & egg

Vegetables- All except jalapenos & pickles

Sauce- Olive oil & black pepper sauce

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