5 Best Fiber Supplements That Actually Work For Your Gut Health



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5 Best Fiber Supplements That Actually Work For Your Gut Health

By m7py

You've probably known that fiber works wonders for your gut health. It relieves G1 issues like constipation and lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Here are 5 best fiber supplements that you should add to your diet:

1. Slim Journey with Collagen


Slim Journey is a powdered supplement with yogurt and honey, made in Korea. It is beneficial for detoxing and slimming purposes. 

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2. Signature Market Fruit Fibre DX-Plus

The product is made of natural products such as chlorophyll, barley powder, spirulina, and so on. It helps to healthily cleanse your body, with prebiotics to keep your gut healthy as well. 

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3. Gummiology Fiber Gummies

If you're not into powder supplements, here is an alternative. Just pop two gummies daily and you're good to go. Plus, you would get a fix for your sweet tooth. 

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4. 21st Century Psyllium Clenz


Pills are much more convenient to take as a daily supplement too! The psyllium seeds in the pills swell up when you drink water. They lubricate your bowel and get things moving.

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5. NutriBrownRice Prebiotic Brown Rice Drink with Purple Sweet Potato 

Cut down on your sugar intake with this product.  You can get your daily fix of fiber, vitamin B, and vitamin E, minus the sugar.

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Make sure to consult your doctor before consuming any fiber supplements. 

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