Tea-riffic News! M'sian Brand Tealive Awarded The Most Trusted Brand, According To International Survey



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Tea-riffic News! M'sian Brand Tealive Awarded The Most Trusted Brand, According To International Survey

By Ayunie

According to an independent survey conducted by Reader's Digest across Southeast Asia, Tealive has been crowned as the most trusted brand in Malaysia!


The survey, which was administered independently, had gathered votes from 8,000 participants consisting of individuals from five different countries: Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and of course, its home country Malaysia. 

Malaysian brand Tealive has been awarded the Asia Readers Digest Most Trusted Brand award under the bubble tea category, beating its competitors. What's impressive about this award is that it is completely consumer-centric, as the results are 100% influenced by real, authentic feedback from customers all around Southeast Asia. 


In accordance with winning the award, the CEO and founder of Tealive, Bryan Loo said, "This is testimony that Malaysians can create world-class products which is why we are a brand that's Born in Malaysia, Raised for the World. This honor has motivated us to innovate more to win every appetite with our extensive menu.“

Since its first-ever launch back in 2017, Tealive has expanded its tea-rritory to other countries, boasting 750 outlets worldwide, including in the UK, Australia, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

May Tealive continue to produce quali-tea beverages and be forever loved by many!

Source: SEA Mashable Asia

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