Dermatologists Aren't Happy With This TikToker's "Primer" Hack. Here's Why:



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Dermatologists Aren't Happy With This TikToker's "Primer" Hack. Here's Why:

By DN21

It seems that not every beauty hack you see on TikTok is dermatologist-approved! Case in point? Using calamine lotion as primer.  
The hack first generated buzz on the video-sharing platform following a makeup tutorial by @tiasamuda, whereby she applied a generous amount of the lotion before adding foundation. The clip has since raked in 6.2 million views!  
Although the end result appeared seamless, board-certified dematologist Dr Stacy Chimento warned that the cons outweigh pros. 

While calamine lotion is conventionally used for soothing poison ivy, its anti-inflammatory purpose shouldn't be misused as makeup. 

She outlined the following side-effects: "The ingredients can often be too harsh for those with sensitive skin and can lead to over-drying and severe irritation. This can sometimes worsen conditions such as acne, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis."

So instead of hopping on the trend, the dermatologist recommends sticking to the real deal...aka an actual primer!

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