Bride Invites All Of Her Ex-Boyfriends To Her Wedding



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Bride Invites All Of Her Ex-Boyfriends To Her Wedding

1 Week ago
By Grace Sundram

Social media has been roiled by this Chinese bride who invited all of her ex-boyfriends to her wedding and set up a special table for them.

According to Sina News, there were at least five men seated around a table with the place card "Table of Ex-boyfriends" on it.

The five men seemed uneasy and out of place although being seated together in the wedding's celebratory mood.

Some even observed and speculated that there were two other ladies seated at the table and it could be the bride's ex-boyfriends' current partners.

Some even made a joke saying that the bride might even have a type or did she date all brothers? 

Well, if this was you and your husband was okay with it – would you probably do this too? 

bride Ex-Boyfriend wedding

Grace Sundram

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