Local Brand Promotes Safe Sex Through High-Tech Condoms That Are Wearable In 6 Seconds!



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Local Brand Promotes Safe Sex Through High-Tech Condoms That Are Wearable In 6 Seconds!


In Malaysia, it is no secret that talking about sex isn't easy. In a society, where sex education is still a touchy subject due to cultural taboos and conservative values, many individuals are kept in the dark regarding issues like contraception and STDs.


Since people are unaware of the importance of wearing protection when having sex, they often choose to skip it or come up with excuses not to wear it when asked to. However, it is important to understand that safe sex helps you and your partner stay healthy and can even make sex better. 


So, in order to encourage and promote safe sex among Malaysians, this local condom brand P'sang decided to use the latest technology and innovative designs to make condoms that are super easy to use and pleasurable so that there's no room left for any excuse not to wear a condom!


Here are some of the features that make putting on P'sang's condom super easy:


- Peel open the condom with one hand! 

There's nothing that emasculates a man more than when they are unable to use all their muscles to tear open the condom wrapper. P'sang's new condoms definitely won't have this problem because they have made it possible for you to peel it open with just one hand and put it on in 6 seconds! Well, that's certainly a turn-on! 


- Always the right side up!

When it comes to sex, the one thing we always do is turn off the lights to make it a little more romantic but this really limits vision making putting on a condom harder. So, you got it out of the wrapper now you need to put it on but it is quite dark and you can't figure out which side is up! Well, P'sang's Buttercup condoms are designed to always be the right side up. So you just got to peel it and put it on! No lights, no problem! 


- Pleasant scents to keep the romance going!

Condoms always have a very strong rubber smell which sometimes just dampens the mood. Who wants to smell like rubber when having sex? No one! P'sang's condoms are all pleasantly scented to keep the romantic mood going!


Besides all the easy-to-use features, all their condoms have been designed to ensure that you still have a pleasurable time while staying safe. Well, let's take a look at their products:


- P'sang Ori (The Bestseller)

If you aren't really picky about condoms and just want to be safe, this is the condom for you. Banana scented and adequately lubricated for your pleasure, the P'sang Ori, an all-time classic thin condom is the brand's bestseller. It's for those who just want something that does the job of keeping them safe while also allowing them to feel pleasure. 


- P'sang Zer0 (For Pleasure Seekers)

For those who give the excuse of not being able to feel anything when wearing a condom, try this one and get back to us! This is a hyper-thin condom for that natural feeling, with extra lube to make it ultra-smooth! It will definitely turn up the pleasure levels in the bedroom so get ready for that!


- P'sang 1+1+1

This condom is contoured, ribbed and dotted for both you and your partner! It is a strawberry-scented condom that is larger near the tip to enhance vibration and movement.


Want to support local Malaysian brands while also having great protected sex? Try out P'sang's specially designed condoms and let's find out if you can really wear them in 6 seconds! 


As if the pleasurable safe sex wasn't enough, buy a P'sang condom now available exclusively at Watsons' stores nationwide as well as on their website and stand a chance to be one of the 10 lucky winners of a Neckpro Spring Feel Luxury Pillow or a Neckpro Colling Mattress!


All you have to do is buy the P'sang condom either via their official website or at any Watsons' physical store , snap a picture of your receipt and send it to 011-1017 7264. 


With the condoms, the pillow and the mattress, you'll certainly have many pleasurable nights in your bedroom... So, what are you waiting for, head to the nearest Watsons' store or their website right now! 


For more information on visit https://www.watsons.com.my/all-brands/b/167273/p-sang or Watsons Malaysia on social media: Facebook | Instagram 

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