WATCH: Woman Sexually Harassed By Diving Instructor In Pulau Tioman



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WATCH: Woman Sexually Harassed By Diving Instructor In Pulau Tioman

By sleepingbeauty

One of the islands you'd like to visit to learn to dive is Pulau Tioman, especially with the water is crystal-clear water and beautiful view. Plus, the island is flooded with plenty of diving centres for you to choose from if you're planning to get a diving license.

That didn't all go as planned, though, as this travel vlogger who goes by the Instagram handle @risenning visited the island by herself in August 2022 to take a diving course at Tioman Cabana.

All was peaceful until one of the diving instructors sexually harassed her during the course.

As a result, Min Ning cancelled her plans to obtain a diving licence and left the centre. She further stated that because it was not her fault that she had to cancel, she should have received a full refund, but opted for a partial one instead as she wanted to leave the place as soon as possible.

She did manage to report the instructor to management before she departed, but there was no action taken at that moment.

After a few months, she learned that the diving centre had gotten several unfavourable Google reviews submitted by women.

One in particular claims that the dive centre is definitely unsafe for women, due to their discomfort with the instructor, Hisham.

She can't tell for sure if the other male instructors, Man or Pek do behave the same but in her experience, it was particularly Hisham who made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

"The last time when this happened to me, I didn't do anything and it only benefitted him because he's still doing it to other girls. I'm not the only one."

"Hopefully this video will reach other girl travellers who are thinking to go there to get their diving license. Do not go to this place. Do not!"

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