Fraudster Sells Coldplay Tickets For RM30, Netizens Find It Amusing



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Fraudster Sells Coldplay Tickets For RM30, Netizens Find It Amusing

By GraceSundram

Hey music lovers, hold onto your seats because Coldplay is coming to Kuala Lumpur this November! 

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the concert, but with great excitement comes the inevitable ticket scams. 

Recently, a Facebook post went viral claiming to sell Coldplay tickets for as low as RM30 and as high as RM60, leaving many scratching their heads since tickets are only available for purchase on the official website starting May 16th.

The fraudster even claimed that there was a "buy 5, get 2 free" promotion going on! Malaysians couldn't help but laugh at the audacity of the scammer, with many taking to social media to poke fun at the offer.

Netizens have been responding to the scam with sarcasm, wondering if the concert is being held in a village hall instead.

However, many are warning fans to be wary of these ticket scams as some individuals may fall prey to the scammer's trap.

The cheapest ticket for the Coldplay concert is actually RM228, while the most expensive is a whopping RM3,088 and you purchase it on or

An exclusive presale session will be held for CIMB cardholders to purchase tickets to the Coldplay: Music Of The Spheres World Tour - delivered by DHL concert during an exclusive presale session on May 16 from 10am to 11.59pm.

Whereas the general public will be able to purchase tickets on May 17 from 10am onwards.

So, music lovers, beware of these ticket scams and make sure to get your tickets from the official website starting on May 16th. Let's get ready to sing our hearts out with Coldplay! 

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