OKU Woman's Car Gets Blocked By RapidKL Bus At LRT Station, Sparks Outrage On Social Media



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OKU Woman's Car Gets Blocked By RapidKL Bus At LRT Station, Sparks Outrage On Social Media

By JustineG

In a surprising turn of events, a former GE15 PH candidate found herself at the centre of a 20-minute drama during what should have been a quick drop-off. 

As she shared her experience on social media, it shed light on the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and raised questions about the rights that should be upheld.

Dr Noraishah Mydin Abd Aziz had set out to drop off a friend at the University LRT station. Being mindful of the difficulties she encounters due to her disability, she parked in the designated OKU parking spot. 

As she attempted to leave the parking spot, she was met with an unexpected block an inconsiderate RapidKL bus had parked in a manner that obstructed her exit. 

What should have been a matter of seconds became a 20-minute drama, leaving her boxed in and unable to proceed with her day. 

Faced with no other option, she had to get out of her car and into her wheelchair to locate the bus driver despite having rightfully parked in the designated space for OKU drivers.

Taking her frustrations to social media, she called attention to the incident with tags to Transport Minister Anthony Loke, Azalina Othman Said, Prasarana, and RapidKL as she demanded accountability and posed critical questions about the rights of Malaysian OKUs.

In response to her outcry, RapidKL swiftly addressed her complaint. They expressed their apologies and assured her that appropriate action would be taken against the bus captain involved. 

While the incident remains unresolved at present, the former PH candidate's experience has ignited a broader conversation about the urgent need to prioritize accessibility and enforce existing legislation to protect the rights of disabled individuals.

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