Man Inserts Coconut Into Rectum: Medical Marvel At Hospital Garners International Attention



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Man Inserts Coconut Into Rectum: Medical Marvel At Hospital Garners International Attention


A man in his fifties from Taiwan found himself in a bizarre medical situation when he inserted a coconut into his rectum and ended up needing emergency treatment at E-DA Hospital. The doctors, after performing abdominal surgery, successfully removed the coconut. This incident has gained international attention, even making it to the pages of the British Medical Journal.

Dr. Chen Zhiyi(陈致一), the chief physician of general surgery and colorectal surgery at E-DA Hospital, recounted the incident. He stated that the patient, in his fifties, came to the emergency room complaining of a swollen bladder and inability to urinate. The man claimed that he had inserted something into his rectum the night before. After conducting a CT scan, doctors found a round foreign object lodged in the rectum, blocking the bladder outlet and preventing urination. The bladder was swollen to the size of a rugby ball, containing nearly 2000cc of urine. Further examination revealed that the foreign object was, in fact, a coconut.

Dr. Chen attempted various methods to remove the coconut, including using instruments and manually trying to extract it, but to no avail. Concerned about the risk of bladder rupture and rectal necrosis due to prolonged pressure, the decision was made to perform abdominal surgery. Eventually, the coconut was successfully extracted. Dr. Chen documented the case and it was published in the British Medical Journal.

This peculiar case of a coconut lodged in the rectum sparked discussions among Taiwanese internet users. Some expressed amazement at the situation, while others made humorous remarks. One of them expressed curiosity about the coconut, suggesting that it was likely a coconut without its husk.

In response, Dr. Chen confirmed that the husk was perfectly intact and even provided photographic evidence of the coconut removed from the patient's rectum to confirm its authenticity.

As for how the man managed to insert the coconut, Dr. Chen mentioned that he asked the patient, but the man remained silent, leaving the question unanswered, thus shrouding the incident in mystery.


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