Reality Check: 8 Signs He Is Losing Feelings For You



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Reality Check: 8 Signs He Is Losing Feelings For You

By ellephant

He should fall in love with you everyday, after falling in love with you. 

At the beginning, it always starts out with unicorns and rainbows, because it isn't the start one should worry about. 

A relationship takes effort, commitment and the constant decision on both ends to want to make things work, day in and day out. 

How do you know if your partner is no longer interested in you?

Here are 8 signs to take note of.  

#1 He stops planning

Whether it is dates, things to do, or even what the future could look like, he doesn't do it. Making reservations, picking up the tab, it all becomes things of the past. 

#2 He stops sharing

He doesn't tell you how he feels or even talks much about the things he experiences on the daily. You're clueless about what he thinks or how is he feeling.  

#3 He starts to forget

Dates like anniversaries, birthdays, significant dates, or even things you told him yesterday, last week or over the month goes in one ear, and comes out the other. 

#4 He is distant

It could be physically, emotionally or mentally, you sense a type of withdrawnness. He doesn't answer your texts or pick up your phone calls.

#5 He gets defensive

Over the smallest of things, he feels the need to protect himself over all else. 

#6 He stops effort

He doesn't try as hard as he once used to anymore.  

#7 He avoids time spent together

He comes up with any possible excuse to not spend time with you. 

#8 He stops asking

He doesn't ask you about your day, your plans, your work, what happens here on out. He simply doesn't care any longer to want to know.  

These signs may be a sign that it's time to have the talk no one really wants to talk about ;( 

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