Customers Were Overcharged RM129 For 3 'Nasi Campur' Meals



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Customers Were Overcharged RM129 For 3 'Nasi Campur' Meals

By JustineG

There has recently been a lot of coverage concerning restaurateurs overcharging customers for meals that aren't really worth so much.

However, if you are a regular at the popular Malay restaurant Sambal Hijau, you are aware of how expensive it has become in recent years.

Just a few days ago, this customer and two other friends were enjoying lunch at the abovementioned establishment when they discovered that they had been overcharged with a bill totaling up to RM129.

We know 'nasi campur' isn't as inexpensive as it used to be, but we're quite sure a dish of rice, fish, and veggies would not cost RM129. When they went to the person in charge to have the bill recalculated because it obviously didn't make sense, the actual amount came up to RM75, which was about RM54 more.

The customer claims that because the restaurant is aware that most customers do not check their bill before paying, the dishonest conduct of increasing the overall amount of the bill appears to be a little exploitative.

However, in response to the customer's comment, Sambal Hijau came forward acknowledging their miscalculation error but followed it up with the notion that every item has been priced clearly for customers to see in order to ensure this type of error doesn't happen at all.

But when it does happen, it's simply because the working staff is so overwhelmed by the crowd that they fail to double-check management's calculations.

All in all, they do admit their mistake yet maintaining that it only happens when the restaurant is crowded which doesn't seem too promising to us. 

The restaurant subtly reacted, stating that although it's good that the customer encourages everyone to double-check their bills before paying, their allegation that the restaurant purposefully increased the bill is mostly false.

In this situation, it's pretty much an agree-to-disagree move, but netizens and regular patrons of the restaurant have stated that the restaurant is known for raising their prices so unreasonably that it doesn't even make sense. 

Given that there are many other restaurants in the Sg Penchala neighborhood that provide similar but more affordable food. 

Another person said that her parents experienced the same overcharging issue, where it came up to a total of RM55 but when they requested another working staff to recalculate it, it only came up to RM35.

This compels their staff to specifically guarantee that they appropriately calculate their customers' bills, rather than simply putting any number they like on the bill.

Nonetheless, some are supporting the establishment, claiming that all customers need to do is double-check and recalculate. That's a little too much, no? Especially when the bill should've been correct the first time? 

Let us know what are your thoughts on this!

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