WATCH: "Even The Priest Was Shivering!" M'sian Couple Achieves Their Dream Traditional Indian Wedding At Paris Eiffel Tower Despite Chilly Weather



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WATCH: "Even The Priest Was Shivering!" M'sian Couple Achieves Their Dream Traditional Indian Wedding At Paris Eiffel Tower Despite Chilly Weather

By JustineG

When it comes to weddings, every couple wants their special day to be smooth sailing, and some are willing to add a unique twist to ensure it becomes a memorable occasion. 

The bride, Vinothini shared the beautiful moment with us on how she and her husband, Gabriel celebrated their wedding with a traditional Indian theme in Paris.

The couple, Vinothini and Gabriel, shared that when they discussed their wedding plans last February, they casually thought of having it in Paris as it was initially planned as a vacation destination. But they weren't sure if the plan was able to be executed. 

As they returned from their engagement trip from Taj Mahal, India, Vinothini got to work and did a thorough research online trying to find an Indian wedding planner in Paris and thankfully she came across one.

After providing all the details to the wedding planner, Priya, including their desire for an Indian ritual wedding and the iconic Eiffel Tower as their backdrop, Vinothini and Gabriel awaited their dream ceremony in the City of Love. Despite concerns about the cold December weather, Priya meticulously organized most of the planning, leaving the couple only with the task of preparing their wedding attire and accessories.

With the presence of a priest confirmed for the ceremony, the couple eagerly anticipated their special day. However, as the day arrived, they encountered unexpected challenges with the temperature dropping to a chilling 1 degree Celsius, leaving them, along with the priest, shivering throughout the ceremony.

"Our hands and legs were numb; we felt nothing when we held hands," Vinothini recounted when interviewed by the Goody team.

Despite the cold, the couple cherished special moments during the ceremony, particularly when they participated in a symbolic tradition involving turmeric water, lime, and a ring. 

This ritual, performed three times, held significant meaning for their union, although they struggled to feel the items due to the cold.

Surprisingly, Vinothini and Gabriel kept their wedding plans a secret from their parents until they shared photos and videos after the event, adding an element of surprise to their celebration.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the couple for orchestrating such a stunning wedding against the enchanting backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. 

Now, inspired by their story, one can't help but dream of a romantic Parisian wedding.

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