Stop Making These 4 Mistakes With Your Conditioner



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Stop Making These 4 Mistakes With Your Conditioner

By m7py

Don't sabotage your hair-care routine anymore! Avoid these 4 rookie mistakes while applying conditioner & you'll see better results soon. Shout out to TikTok creator @yourbesthair  for the tips. 

1- Too much product

When it comes to conditioner, less is more, especially if you got fine hair! 

Source: Instagram

Stop applying way too much product- because it will make your hair look weighed down. 

Not the kind of effect you'll love.

How much exactly you'll need depends on your hair's:

- thickness

- length

- level of processing 

General rule: Start off with one 20 sen coin-sized dollop. Add more only if necessary. 

2- Applying directly to roots

Source: Instagram

Getting a little of conditioner on your roots can't be helped. Don't worry- there's no big harm there. 

But, if you keep doing this over a long time, your hair will become flat and/or limp. That's not a pretty sight!

Plus, the excess conditioner will cause a build-up in your hair follicles in case you don't rinse the product off properly. 

So, make sure to concentrate ONLY from the middle of your strand down to the ends. 

3- Rinsing too soon

Source: Instagram

Patience, girl! That's one major thing you'll need to practice with this particular product.

Let it sit in your hair for 2-3 minutes. That's enough time for your hair to absorb a regular conditioner. 

While you wait. comb through your hair to distribute the product evenly. After that, rinse thoroughly. 

4- Not using conditioner at all

 Source: Instagram

You're wrong if you think conditioner is optional in your hair-care routine. 

Conditioner is actually super-important in hydrating your strands, especially the dry ends. 

Here's another big benefit you might be missing out on. The product protects your hair's inner layer from damage and excess moisture evaporation. 

Plus, it smoothens out your hair so, less annoying, painful tangles! 

Remember to make it a must-do after rinsing out your hair mask & shampoo. 

Don't make these mistakes for a more beautiful, luscious mane!

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