Did You Know That This Is What Happens If You Sleep Less Than 8 Hours Everyday?



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Did You Know That This Is What Happens If You Sleep Less Than 8 Hours Everyday?

By ellephant

Adulting can be hard, on top of the work and finding the time to have a social life, most often than not, we forget just letting our mind, body and soul rest.

Despite the hours many take in a day to get actual sleep, most adults do not get a solid 8 hours, and even though 8 hours may seem long, in reality, it is evidentially what our bodies need. 

There is more than one aftereffect which would arise from a lack of sleep, especially in the long run, and here they are. 


1. Loss of memory

2. Weight gain

3. Diabetes

4. A stroke

5. Heart attacks

6. Depression

7. High blood pressure


That being said, here are a few practices to go about so that you sleep better. 

1. Embrace sunlight in the morning 

2. Reduce blue light at night (screens/lightbulbs)

3. Cool body temperature (16-19 degrees celcius)

4. Take a hot shower before bed

5. Avoid high intensity exercises 2 hours before bed

6. Limit caffeine intake

7. Practice healthy activities (meditating/journaling)

8. Find a good time to wake up

9. Don't eat before bed


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