Ever Wondered How Kpop Idols Achieved Their Insanely Glowing Skin? Here's What We Know:



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Ever Wondered How Kpop Idols Achieved Their Insanely Glowing Skin? Here's What We Know:


MYTH: Glowing skin takes years to achieve.

Any skincare expert or enthusiast will tell you the same thing: CONSISTENCY is key. As long as you can come up with a set of skincare routine that works for your skin type and stick to it, you'll likely to see result in as fast as a month or two. 

MYTH: "Perfect" skin never acts out.

Yes, people with "flawless" skin can experience lows too. If you've achieved your skin goals and expects your skin to stay that way, you'll bound to be disappointed. So often people will get easily demotivated when their skin starts getting dull, develop redness etc when they think they've perfected their skincare routine.

Your skin will have its bad days too and it's important that you stay gentle to your skin and not press the panic button by piling up too much "healing" products. 

MYTH: You need to spend extra $$$ for radiant, celebrity-like skin

Nah. Affordable skincare products can still deliver expensive results, no doubt. It all comes down to the ingredients: if a product has good concentration of skin brightening and skin renewal ingredients (like AHA, BHA, PHA for example), then it's going to work regardless of the price. 

-| Now, back to our question: How do Kpop idols achieve their insanely glowing skin? 


We may not have the budget of a Kpop idol, but we can still achieve Kpop idol-like skin! In K-beauty, moisture is a big thing in their brand. The famous Korean 10 step skincare routine and the various ways they'd label a moisturising product (toner, ampoule, essence, etc) alone could tell you how much they emphasise giving your skin its well-needed moisture.

It all makes sense, really: when your skin is well hydrated, it'll appear plump thus giving that porcelain, glowing skin that everyone desires. Combine that with regular exfoliation (because dead skin equals dull skin and we don't want that) and you'll be left with skin like kpop idols that's so glowy they can spot you from the moon!


-| What does a glowing skin skincare routine look like?

You can just keep it minimal, and here's a useful tip: keeping your routine simple with just a few staple products will likely make you stay motivated in doing your routine. Let's face it: some days you don't even feel like putting anything on your face so having a simple, low maintenance skincare routine will make sure you stay consistent. 

If you have no idea where to start, here's a template you can follow:

Step 1: use a pore-refining daily cleanser (because having clogged pores is a no-no if you want glowing skin)
Step 2: use a moisturising toner 
Step 3: use a gentle, exfoliating ampoule (like we said, dead skin is also a no-no)
Step 4: use a hydrating cream after to cushion the exfoliation so your skin won't get irritated
Step 5: use a sleeping mask every now and then to give your skin some extra pampering 

Want some skincare recommendations? We gotchu!


We've recently discovered Nutox Renewing Treatment Series and we couldn't be more intrigued at their Tri-Lumines™ technology that claims to give you a youthful glow. What's also interesting is that they use Actistem Gold Nest in their products, which, if you don't know; activates stem cells to trigger skin rejuvenation. 

Let's dig deeper into their products:

Nutox Renewing Treatment Milk Cleanser | 100 ML

This cleanser is made with AHA-BHA-PHA to polish away dull, lifeless, and dry skin without leaving behind microtears that irritate the skin. Remember, microtears can do bad things to the skin and we don't want that. It also creates creates a creamy foam texture that refines pores and smooths the skin.

> Shop for it here: Shopee | Lazada <

Nutox Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence |  50 @ 150 ML
Rapid skin penetration of high-moisture molecules provided by this essence can treat dry and parched skin as it is highly moisturising. Unique osmolytes properties of the molecules allow them to maintain ideal skin plumpness while halting water loss. If you use this continuously, your skin becomes noticeably healthier, softer, and more supple!

> Shop for it here: Shopee | Lazada <

Nutox Renewing Treatment Ampoule | 8 @ 30 ML
This Renewing Treatment Ampoule is a multi-tasking saviour that exfoliates, refines pores and is clinically proven to remove dullness. It's non-greasy clear liquid texture helps refines pores, boosts active ingredient absorption, and restores radiance without clogging the skin, revealing flawless, lively skin that's always selfie-ready!

> Shop for it here: Shopee | Lazada <

Nutox Renewing Treatment Crème | 30 ML

This is a potent skin-perfecting gel crème with calming ingredients and effectively targets skin refinement and surface flare-up reduction. It also offers constant defence against hot and dry weather, which leaves your skin shielded, rehydrated, and naturally glowy.

> Shop for it here: Shopee | Lazada <

Nutox Renewing Treatment Sleeping Mask | 30 ML
Renewing Treatment Sleeping Mask is pillow-proof and doesn't come off easily! This cream rehydrates, soothes, and restores radiance by combining glow-boosting qualities with Vitamin E. Works by accelerating the renewal process and nourishing skin back to its healthy state as you sleep. You will quite literally wake up looking flawless.

> Shop for it here: Shopee | Lazada <


If you're intrigued about the Nutox Renewing Treatment series or you simply want to know more about the brand, go ahead and check out their other social media platforms, linked below:

Nutox's Official Website: https://nutox.my/
Nutox's Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nutox_my/
Nutox's Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NutoxStayYoung/

Have you tried Nutox's products before? Share with us what you think please!

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