Ex M'sian DJ Bank Acc Turns Negative RM99mil. While Traveling



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Ex M'sian DJ Bank Acc Turns Negative RM99mil. While Traveling


Talking about travelling nightmares, a Malaysian Ex-DJ and travel blogger, Luke Loke, uncovered that his bank account has turned negative by RM99 million while enjoying his vacation in Paris, France. 

The DJ shared his story on Facebook while still touring around Paris, and it quickly became viral. 

He was sleeping when he received a call from a Malaysian bank at 5.18 in the morning. However, he missed the call because he was asleep. 

He woke up in the morning and realized that his money in the bank was missing. At first, he thought it was only a few hundred, but after counting the zeros again, he realized his account balance was negative RM99,844,076.92. 

There was no transaction history or record in his bank account to show how this number came about. 

After the first post went viral, Luke posted a second post sharing his updates on the incident. He called the bank at 2 am France time (9 am in Malaysia) to look for help. Fortunately, the call went smoothly and his case is currently being investigated.

Luke then removed his first post from his Facebook to avoid creating more unwanted trouble for the bank. 

Hopefully, the bank can find out the cause and thus recover his balance. 

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