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Support Local And Feel The Warmth | Exquisite Works By 4 Malaysian DIY Makers

Jada   |   Oct 29, 2020, 00:28   |   214

In this highly industrialized society, customized and hand-made objects are extremely precious and beautiful. 

Here are the Instagram accounts of the 5 Malaysian DIY makers who have integrated their enthusiasm with their work. 

1. IG: @shirleenjeweliciouss

Exquisite accessories will definitely make OOTD more outstanding! And, Shirleen Jeweliciouss' hand-made jewelry is definitely your choice. 

The bright colors and unique materials will surely make you become the spot of the public. 

2. IG: @earthcaresoaps

In addition to making exquisite natural soaps, Earth Care Soaps also has developed body care products. 

Using breast milk to make soap is also one of the unique selling points of this store.

3. IG: @takos.store

One of the selling points of this store is the distinctive little embroidery. 

You could find it on the canvas bag and shirts produced by the DIY makers from this store. 

There are also hand-knitted hats or bags, which can make you feel youth after you wear it!

4. IG: @haveasweetdreammy

This store is opened by a lovely lady who enjoys teaching people about the Shibori (tie-dye), plant embroidery work, and graphic notes. 

Let's come together and support the Malaysian DIY makers! 

Cover Photo: IG of @haveasweetdreammy | IG of @shirleenjeweliciouss 


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