6 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the Klang Valley



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6 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the Klang Valley

By MJC97

Honestly, while we don’t understand how some people have the ability to resist fried chicken and cheese, we definitely respect all of you who decided to go vegan. Mad respect to you guys! 

We might not have the guts to join you all la, but we will show our support by helping you compile some of the favourite the vegan-friendly restaurants in the Klang Valley. 

1. Sala

Sala is a plant-based restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas, KL that serves you a wide array of delicious looking and tasting vegan options. 

Since Taco Bell is definitely NOT vegan, you can get your fix for Tex-Mex food here too. They have vegan burritos and tacos! 

2. Kanteen 

Another spot famous for making everything vegan. They have vegan nasi lemak rendang and their famous vegan mac and cheese. 

With around 10 vegan options, there’s no way you won’t be able to find something that you like.  You can also bring your non-vegan friends here because they do have non-vegan options too!

3. The Ganga Café

This café serves you delicious vegetarian and vegan Gujerati, South & North Indian banana leaf cuisine. Satisfy your curry cravings here with their various vegan options. 


4. Lohas Vegetarian Bistro 

This place serves local favourites vegan chicken rice, vegan fried rice, vegan nasi lemak, and others plus, everything on the menu is reasonably priced. 

Who says being vegan means that you will be always broke? 

5. The Hungry Tapir

The Hungry Tapir is a vegan/vegetarian café that is a favourite of both vegans and non-vegans too. So, bring your non-vegans here and maybe you will convert them!

Just looking at all the photos on their Instagram page made us think that maybe we could be vegan. Maybe la just maybe. 

6. Parklife 

This café serves innovative, healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. It isn’t fully vegan, however, since most Mediterranean dishes rarely contain meat, there are many options here for a vegan.


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