Kim Jong Un Has Banned Leather Jackets In North Korea— Here's A Funny Reason Why:



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Kim Jong Un Has Banned Leather Jackets In North Korea— Here's A Funny Reason Why:


Albeit not being the first-ever inventor of leather goods fashion, North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly banned all leather jackets and coats in his country. Why? Well, apparently Kim Jong Un has a fear of blending in with the crowd.

As of today, it is deemed illegal for North Koreans to sport leather outerwear as it is an "‘impure trend to challenge the authority of the Highest Dignity’." Or in other words, their leader just isn't keen on anyone else copying his style.  

Looks like North Korea's banned clothing list is constantly growing, and not long ago skinny jeans were also labelled as a threat. Basically, anything that resembles the basic human right...uh, I meant pop culture will instantly be deemed “exotic and decadent lifestyle” of capitalism that must, at all cost, be eradicated. 

Oh, well. Good news for vegans, I suppose. 

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