Local Man Uses Magical Liquid On Petrol Nozzle That Allegedly Increases RON95 Petrol's Quality, Netizens Concerned



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Local Man Uses Magical Liquid On Petrol Nozzle That Allegedly Increases RON95 Petrol's Quality, Netizens Concerned

By MJC97

Every once in a while, creative humans come up with various ways to save money on petrol like shaking your car violently will somehow help you get more petrol in it. 


So guess what's new in the saving money on petrol world? A magical liquid called Eco Star that has the miraculous ability of increasing RON95 petrol's quality to match RON97's quality that you're supposed to drizzle into the petrol nozzle. 

It went viral after a Twitter page called @twtbikers shared a TikTok video featuring a man inserting a liquid into a petrol nozzle claiming the quality and performance of RON95 petrol can be improved with the help of that liquid.


Also, I forgot to mention that the guy was driving an AUDI! Yes, THAT'S RIGHT! HE PUT SOME MYSTERIOUS LIQUID INTO HIS AUDI!!!


According to the man, he chose to use RON 95 petrol because mixed with the liquid, it improve the quality of the RON95 petrol to be equivalent to RON 97. In fact, the man was seen dripping the liquid into the nozzle before pouring into this Audi.

The video caught the attention of netizens and they were shocked by the mans actions. Not only that, netizens were also quite concerned since the man puts the liquid into the nozzle because there will be other customers using the nozzle afterwards which could exposed others to whatever dangers that liquid could pose. 


Also, the fact that he the video was recorded at a petrol station while the man was handling the petrol pump was not sitting well with netizens since it could be dangerous. 

Here are some of their comments:


Also, this magical liquid called Eco Star is now being sold on Shopee too and it is not cheap! 


Moral of the story, don't believe everything you watch online!

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