Good Vibes Festival Malaysia: Here's How You Can Help #SaveGVF



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Good Vibes Festival Malaysia: Here's How You Can Help #SaveGVF

By ellephant

Ever since the 1975 incident at the Good Vibes Festival at Sepang, there has been an uproar from many netizens, vendors and artists alike. 

The debacle of 1975 band members making out on stage and dissing the Malaysian government resulted in the entire festival being cancelled altogether for day 2 and day 3. 

Since then, there has been a lawsuit against the band, them being blacklisted and the rules on concerts and festivals being further tightened in Malaysia.  

Besides that, the organizers have also been doing their best to refund tickets to all those who purchased. 

Nevertheless, they are also seeking a lending hand. 

Based on their official Instagram, GVF is asking for ticketholders to help all those who were affected, should they intend to.  

Ticketholders would have 4 options when they choose their refunds. They are:

1. Partial refund, and the balance would go to #SaveGVF 

2. Forfeit the refund and convert #GVF2023 to a #GVF2024 or #GVF2025 ticket which will include a RM100 drink voucher

3. Completely forfeit refund and do not convert ticket, all proceedings will go to #SaveGVF

4. Request a full refund of your #GVF2023 ticket

A wise way to help, for those who want to, and to get back your money, should you not want to. 

For more info, visit their Instagram

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