Latest "Running Man" Game Too Controversial? | Netizens: This Is Too Much!



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Latest "Running Man" Game Too Controversial? | Netizens: This Is Too Much!

By xweienx

"Running Man" has always been one the most popular Korean variety shows thanks to its entertaining games and the classic name tag elimination battles. Add on to that the humorous members, it is food for the soul for many people every week.

The latest episode aired on the 15th saw Kim Soo-yong, Nam Chang-hee, Apink's Yoon Bo-mi, Kim Nam-joo, and SEVENTEEN's Hoshi and Mingyu as guests.  
This week's theme is "Finding for Old Shops in Seoul: Old Shops Record" and in one of the segments, a "Rubber band Game" has sparked some controversy among fans. Besides being one of the hottest topics on the Korean Internet right now, China's Sina Weibo also has "RM" (which stands for Running Man) in their top 5 searches.  
The controversial game required members and guests to put on as many rubber bands around their heads as they can within one minute before being able to enjoy the food. The one with the most rubber bands is the winner.  
We all know that RM members and guest are always dedicated to the challenge. This time, with the chance of eating some delicious food, many members have gone all out.  
As members start to place the rubber bands onto their heads one by one, it was obvious that their face started to distort because of the rubber band. especially RM members Yang Se-chan, Song Ji-Hyo and Jeon So-min who had the rubber bands around their eyes and lips, prompting everyone to suggest that this was more dangerous than funny as intended.  
Even members of popular Korean boy band SEVENTEEN, Mingyu and Hoshi, were not excluded. Fans were upset that the members' charming faces were compressed by rubber bands.  
The trailer at the end of the episode showed that the "Rubber band Game" was still being carried on. Lee Kwang-soo's face can be seen distorted with multiple rubber bands around it. This reminded fans of the past when he tried a simpler version of the game where they only used 1 or 2 rubber bands.  

However, this time "Running Man" has crossed the line as fans have been commenting on multiple social media sites, saying: "This is too much for the artists", "It feels so dangerous just seeing the screenshots", "What are the PD and writers thinking" and so on.  
There are also netizens who plead others to not underestimate the power of rubber bands following an upload of a watermelon being squashed by just a band of rubber bands. Imagine if something were to happen during the game!  
Parents in the comments sections also added on, saying that if children were to follow their steps, then the ones in charge of coming up with the game are to blame.

After the program aired, many "Rubber band Game" clips have been uploaded and shared among social media sites. The production crew of the show has yet to make a response.

*Note: This is a dangerous action. Do not attempt this yourself!

*Cover image from Khan (Left & Top Right) and Inven (Bottom Right) korean SEVENTEEN RM


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