Delivery Rider Pours Drink on Customer‘s Ex Upon Request



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Delivery Rider Pours Drink on Customer‘s Ex Upon Request

By ellephant

The devil works hard, but this food delivery rider we think, works harder.  

As Valentine’s day approaches us and love is in the air, it would appear that apparently, so is hate. Based on reports, a woman in China woke up, about a week ago, and chose violence, or in other words to get even with her ex. 

Upon making a milk tea order with a food delivery service, a special request was also attached to it. The order comprised of one milk tea, and one attempt of pouring said milk tea, all over her ex.  

In the remarks section of the order, the customer instructed the food delivery rider to deliver the milk tea to her ex, by splashing the drink in his face. 

“No need to be nice to the scumbag, just splash the drink on his face will do”, was what she wrote. 

Any ordinary delivery rider probably wouldn’t have done that, for fear of the consequences which could follow. However, it was clear, this was no ordinary rider. 

Maybe he was one for top tier customer service, or maybe he was a little too familiar with the situation at hand. Whichever it was though, he surprisingly and (un)politely obliged. 

After splashing the drink in his face, the rider handed the receipt to the man and apologized saying, “Sorry, I just acted based on the remarks of the customer”. He also went the extra mile and handed him some tissues, from feeling bad.  

Netizens were beyond impressed by the rider’s dedication to fulfill an impossible request, and agreed that his services were indeed 5-star worthy. 

However, the food delivery company did go on to present a statement noting that, riders were allowed to decide against remarks made by customers, if they were deemed unreasonable, and thus, an investigation would most certainly come into effect.  

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