Free PC App | Install SNAP CAMERA & Look Flawless In Video Calls!



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Free PC App | Install SNAP CAMERA & Look Flawless In Video Calls!

By m7py

Hate it so much whenever the boss or lecturer ask you to turn the camera on during a Google Meet session? I mean, who brushes, showers & gets dressed by 8 a.m. 

Anyway, you can thank the tech gods for SNAP CAMERA

From the creators of Snapchat, comes this "face-saving" app that lets you use many different effects, backgrounds & even, AR filters!  
Source: Snap Camera

Remember, the cute lawyer kitty from Zoom (lol). Time to turn you into one!

Here's the best part: the app works on both Windows PC & Mac!

PLUS, you can use the Lenses with Zoom, Twitch, Skype or any live stream or video chat apps. Just select Snap Camera as your webcam device.  

Source: Snap Camera

The rest works just as it would on Snapchat. 

Watch the super-helpful tutorial here

Before selecting your favourite Lens, you'll get to see a preview of your computer's webcam.  

Source: Snap Camera

You can scroll through the Top Community Lenses.

These are user-generated via Lens Studio, a tool to build Snapchat Lenses. 

Or, you can also unlock a rare Lens! Just look for the lens or creator using the search bar.

If you've got a favourite Lens, simply favourite them for easy access in the future!  

Source: Snap Camera

Wish you could access & share your go-to Lenses on Snapchat too?

Of course! You can do this through Snapcode Overlay or URL easily. 

Learn how here  

Source: Snap Camera

Download Snap Camera on your PC for FREE & you'll look as gorgeous, with zero effort!

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