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Grocery Shopping Hacks That Will Make Your Wallet Smile

MJC97   |   Jun 2, 2021, 21:01   |   609

Saving money is always on the top of our minds. One of the largest purchases we make monthly is on groceries. It hurts a little to look at your bank balance after grocery shopping. 

Actually, if you shop smartly, you can save a lot of money! Here’s how to shop smartly:

1. Always Register for Their Club Card


While you might think that paying RM 10 or RM 12 now won’t be worth it, trust me on this. It is worth it. If you always go to a certain supermarket like maybe Lotus/Tesco and spend a lot, then register immediately. 

Every time you spend, you will be given points. These points will be converted into vouchers and these vouchers will expire after a long time, so gather the vouchers and you can use them all at once, especially if you are making a huge purchase at the store. 

Besides the vouchers, there are also coupon then will be given to you through the Clubcard apps. These coupons are for specific items at the store. While you might not use all of them, at least you can save money using some of them. 

2. Always Shop the Store Brand


I feel like the store brands are super underrated. Most of us look at something with the store brand and think, hmm no, it’s not going to be nice. But have you ever tried Tesco’s potato chips? They are super yummy and super cheap! 

A simple google search will tell you what store brand products are actually super yummy. So, instead of buying the same product but branded at a slightly higher price, why not buy the store brand for a cheaper price. 

3. Create a Meal Plan and A List

A meal plan and a list will help you to buy only the needed items. It will prevent unnecessary spending.

Supermarkets are structured very cleverly. As you enter the store, you always see the items that are on sale, sometimes, you might not even need these items, but you still buy them because they are on sale. 

This is where a list comes in. When you create a meal plan, you should simultaneously create a shopping list. This way you can make sure that you purchase all the ingredients needed for each meal, nothing more, nothing less. 

4. Don’t Buy the Pre-Packed Items


Sometimes when buying veggies, we might feel too lazy to go and weigh our items because of the long lines. So, we just buy the pre-packed veggies that already have a price on it. This is a huge mistake!

You might think it is convenient but at the same time, if you buy the loose veggies and weigh them, they cost less. Even if it is a few cents, it is still saving money! A little can go a long way. 

5. Check the Clearance Shelves 

Sometimes, the supermarket you go do has a clearance shelf. Most of the item look really bad but don’t overlook this shelf. 

Take your time and look through everything in the aisle. Check the expiry date and so on. You might find something useful. The prices of the clearance items are normally super marked down, meaning you’d save a lot! 


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