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Who Knew That Garlic Could Naturally Boost Our Immune System? More About This Health-Boosting Superstar:

Ayunie   |   Aug 3, 2021, 14:15   |   6225

One of the main concerns about consuming garlic on the regular is, “Is my breath going to smell like death?" 


Before we dive further into that question, let's take a look at some of the surprising facts about garlic, which surprisingly, serves more than just a must-have ingredient for any dish or flavor enhancement in your cooking: 

• Garlic contains allicin;

Which is released every time you cut into it. This, along with the antioxidants inside the vegetable (yes, it's a type of veggie) has been proven to provide beneficial health effects, like fighting off infection and boosting the immune system.

• Garlic's roles in ancient history will surprise you;

It is believed that Egyptian pharaohs used to ply their pyramid-builders with garlic to increase their strength. 

• Garlic is highly effective in repelling blood-sucking monsters. (By that, we mean mosquitoes.)


Name one garlic-based dish that does not taste good, we'll wait. 

Getting your daily consumption intake of garlic is proven to be beneficial for our health and immune system and it certainly does help that it makes food tastes so much better. Dishes like garlic bread, creamy garlic pasta, garlic lemon chicken— they're all good for our taste buds and health in general.


Besides being an infamous weapon against mythical creatures in old literature whose primary way of survival is sucking off blood, garlic happens to be an amazing home remedy too. For instance: 

• Anti-inflammatory:

If you suffer from inflamed joints or muscles, try rubbing them with garlic oil— instant relief, guaranteed. 

• Effective In Fighting Fungus:

Perhaps the number one cure for athlete's foot, soaking your feet in garlic water helps tremendously. 

• Natural health remedy:

If you’re looking to strengthen your immune system during the pandemic, opt for garlic supplements!


Garlic supplements help to improve and enhance the body's defense system against external antigens. Unlike natural garlic, you don’t need to endure the odour and they are naturally easy for daily consumption. What are the benefits, you ask? Here are a few:

1. Garlic improves cholesterol levels, which may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease

2. It also contains health-loving antioxidants that may help in preventing dementia and Alzheimer's disease

3. Combats everyday sickness, like the common cold

4. The active compounds found in garlic can reduce blood pressure

5. Improves bone health


If you're not one to consume garlic on the regular but still want all the benefits, taking garlic supplements should help with that. One supplement we'd recommend is this: Naturalle Garlic, which contains a high concentration of garlic extract in each capsule.


Specifically, each capsule of Naturalle Garlic 3000mg contains about 1mg of garlic oil and is equivalent to a 3g fresh garlic bulb (or around 1 or 2 cloves of fresh garlic on average) to help enhance the body’s defense system. If you're wondering, no, consuming this won't give you bad breath. (We've tried and tested this personally!)


You can easily find Naturalle Garlic online on Shopee, and they're affordable, too! You can find dual packs of Naturalle Garlic 3000mg 2 x 220's for less than RM50. That's a steal! If you happen to be interested in other kinds of supplements, Naturalle offers plenty of them in great variations, which you can browse through on their website here. 


So if you're constantly paranoid about getting sick, especially now when we're in the midst of a deathly pandemic with infected cases rapidly going up, perhaps now is a good time to start consuming garlic supplements. It'll help you plenty! 


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