“Now That’s A Family” Japanese Father-Daughter Duo Go Viral for Their Creative Cosplay



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“Now That’s A Family” Japanese Father-Daughter Duo Go Viral for Their Creative Cosplay

By Pineapplesz

Spending time with family movie nights and enjoying a meal everyday together? Nah, that's too mainstream.

Cosplaying with your father to strengthen the familial bond? Now that's the way to go!

Taniguchi Fumi, also known as Ofumi is a beauty content creator who shares make-up tutorials and cosplay-related content regularly. Recently, she had shared a series of photos of her dressing up with her cosplaying partner, who is none other than her father. 

From dapper suits to school uniforms to wielding katanas, you name it. They did it all and they are slaying the cosplay!

The father-daughter would usually dress up in costumes that are meant for pairs. Ofumi's father would often be dressing up as an enforcer, usually furrowing his brow, complete with a snarl on his lips while brandishing a sword.

Ofumi would sometimes dress up as a sinister character but she'll often appear as a more innocent character to her intimidating father. A top-tier duo, indeed!





Seldom will you witness a parent and child cosplaying together with the same amount of dedication. People all around the world have been delighted by this fact, and the two have gained popularity. Supporters are eager to find out what they will dress up as next.

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