Different Coloured Wedding Dress, Different Blessings: What Do They Mean?



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Different Coloured Wedding Dress, Different Blessings: What Do They Mean?

By Pineapplesz

Traditionally, wedding dresses are pure white. We've seen it all the time. White wedding dresses have always been the first choice even back in the Ancient European era. However, with the increasing number of wedding dress designs, there is also an increase of wedding dresses that are not in the colour white. 

Nowadays, wedding dresses come in black, blue, pink and other various shades. It's a whole rainbow out there. Although, did you know that different colour of dresses carry different meanings of blessings? Let's find out and maybe you can get an idea which colour your wedding dress will be for your big day.  

1) White | Divine purity


White has something to do with a woman's virginity; it is a beautiful colour that is not stained. As a result, white wedding dresses have increasingly become a classic colour for wedding dresses.

2) Green | Infinite vitality


The colour of earth, which means freedom, liveliness, endless vitality and healing in wedding dresses. People tend to choose green wedding dress for outdoor weddings as the shade fits in with the surrounding of nature. Green wedding dress is blessing the bride not to lose herself. 

3) Pink | Sweet and pure love


Did you know that a pink wedding dress is the most suitable colour to wear when marrying your first love? The soft hue of pink represents a kind of cuteness, youth, and tenderness. If you are getting married to your first love, please try a pink wedding dress!

4) Black | To the death


In our mind, black is an unlucky colour. But in Spain, black represents the loyalty to marriage and the unswerving death of the other half. It is a very noble colour and the bride who wears it, is a queen. Noble and mysterious.

5) Blue | Calm and romantic


Colour of the sea and a symbol of good luck. Calm, elegant and eye-catching. The blessing of a blue wedding dress is to be responsible for the marriage, to manage it well, and to be loyal to the marriage. Quite suitable for a more mature bride, has an established career, and a long-distance love run.


6) Red | The heat of love


Red is a classic wedding colour in the East. It symbolizes auspiciousness, enthusiasm, health and optimism. A red wedding dress is not only a blessing for the bride, but also a responsibility for the groom. The newlyweds must support the family together, have no fear for the future. Especially suitable for confident and sunny brides.


7) Purple | Mysterious hazy beauty


Purple is a mysterious, magical colour in the Western world. It is also a symbol of nobility with a hint of melancholy, giving people a hazy mysterious beauty. If you like novel and mysterious brides, this color wedding dress is recommended. 

Which colour will your wedding dress be? Comment below! 

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